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    In 1944, near the end of World War II, the Japanese submarine I-52 -- carrying cargo to Nazi Germany -- was torpedoed by American bombers. It sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, taking with it 100 people and two tons of gold. Half a century later, Paul Tidwell, a Vietnam veteran and adventurer, set off on a hunt for the sunken submarine in hopes of unraveling the mystery and salvaging the gold. As part of his research, Tidwell got in touch with the men who participated in the Navy's sinking of the submarine; they joined the expedition and recount their memories on film. The production includes dramatic shots of the broken remains of the sunken sub three miles underwater, along with scenes that show the numerous perils and tensions involved in carrying out this historic expedition.

    It is in 5 parts, each part can be view.

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    Thanks for the Video. I had seen the same on Nat-Geo nearly 10 years ago and was profoundly affected by the same. I'm sure all would agree that service on Submarines must be the most dangerous perhaps with the possible exception of space travel. On land and air, you have a good chance of survival. The same stands true for surface vessels (sea). However, in subs as well as in future, commercial and military spacecrafts, chances of survival are almost nil in case of an emergency.

    The sight of the mangled sub surely drove a realization through me that there were living human in that things before it was sunk. What a way to die.

    Thanks once again for the vids.

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