Several punctuation questions.

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Mar 23, 2004
Which is more correct, Fiat C.R.42 or CR.42 or CR42? Also, what is the deal with SIAI Marchetti vs. Savoia Marchetti? Am I right in thinking there should be no punctuation between German abbreviations and numbers (like Bf 109)? Also, is it correct to call post 1938 109s Me 109s or are they still Bf 109s? Is the first letter capitalized in these abbreviations?
You could either have Fiat Cr.42 or just Cr.42 - honestly though no one would attack you for saying Cr42.

On the German ones it's Bf-109 or Fw-190. They can be called Me-109s or Bf-109s - everyone knows what they are.

And yes, the first letter is always a capital.

Random out puts of designations time;

Spitfire P.R XIX

There you go, that's all you're getting. :lol:
With Italian plane both are caps - CR.42, SM.79 etc.

I think SIAI-Marchetti was the pre war name, with planes such as the S.55. Then it was either changed to Savoia or bought out by Savoia to become Savoia-Marchetti.
It's just for those people that don't know. And normally it's Focke Wulf Fw-190.

None of it annoys me as long as it tells me what they're talking about. :rolleyes:
pD said:
Spitfire P.R XIX

isn't it PR.XIX??

and as no one has done the honours yet, british aircraft, whilst many have manufacterer's type numbers, were not given number and letter designations once they'd entered service, they all had a proper name. For different marks it was simply abbrieviated to Mk. followed instantly by the number in roman numerals. However in the RAF, when an aircraft reached Mk.XX, it became Mk.20, and used arabic numerals from then on. "PR.", "FB." and alike were used in the case of some aircraft in place of the Mk. to denote their role, if the aircraft operated in many different roles.
I've seen it both ways. Logically it'd be P.R since there's two different words. And in the RAF it wasn't when it reached XX - it was just they changed the system from Roman to Arabic.

That is why you got F.1, F.1a, F.2, F.2a etc. etc. Lightnings after the war. And for a while they still called the Mosquito NF 30 - NF XXX

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