Shuttleworth Evening Air Display [VERY GRAPHIC INTENSIVE!!!]

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Hi guys!

Well, I clearly can't get enough of old aircraft and of my new EOS 300D camera! :D

Here is a small(!!) selection of photos I took last month, on the Shuttleworth Collection's lovely evening air display held at the all-grass Old Warden aerodrome. I've been to countless airshows, but never have I been able to make so many great pictures as on this one! *big smile* I love the Old Warden air displays. This in fact was already my second visit this year.

As you can see, for me the favourite of the show was the stunning PT-22. I have more great shots of it, which I'd have loved to share, but it's already a bit excessive as is! :rolleyes:

I know some of them aren't really "WW2" but I hope you don't mind! ;)

Well, here goes...

Sopwith Triplane


Bristol F.2B Fighter

Bristol F.2B Fighter RAF SE5A

Avro 504K

Miles Magister

Miles Gemini (what a beauty!)

DHC-1 Chipmunk

Ryan PT-22



Hawker Tomtit

Hawker Hind

Gloster Gladiator

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc

Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.Ib

Avro Triplane

If you liked these pics only a tenth as much as I loved taking them, then I am sure you enjoyed these! ;)
Thanks! :D Glad you like them!

Yes, the camera is a digital SLR. Lens was a 100-400mm zoom, which effectively becomes a 640mm lens with the digital sensor (which is smaller than 35mm film).

My website is more about 3D aviation art than about photography. But I hope you'll like it anyway ;)

Since you seem to like the Lancaster, I just uploaded these for you. They were taken last weekend on the Farnborough International airshow.


the lancaster pics don't show up on my computer, sorry................

Lens was a 100-400mm zoom, which effectively becomes a 640mm lens with the digital sensor

that must have cost you quite a bit...................
The website that's hosting them is a bit dodgy today. Online, then offline... try again now, they should be working again! :)

As for having a very bad first airshow (worse than any I've been to, and I've been to scores of them!!! Three already last July!), don't give up yet! There's plenty more to come. Next year if not this year. And the Lancaster should be on some of them too.

Make sure you don't miss the Flying Legends air show next year. And if you can't wait that long, there's also an autumn air display at Duxford in September, I believe. Definitely worth a visit if you've not been there yet! The Flying Legends show is much bigger tho.

The lens wasn't too bad, by the way. I bought it some seven years ago for the equivalent of £250 in Holland.
I wish they had some airshows around here like that, most of them around here are 99% modern ugly jets. :(

Great pics, BTW.

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