Somethings Wrong with the Game...

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All of a sudden, I cannot launch IL2 from my CD Rom.... It starts to read the disc and then nothing... Im alittle lost here...

Is this a common glitch and do I need to reinstall???

No matter what I try to do to launch the game, it will not start....
You may not have to, I just did it cos I couldnt be bothered to find out the real problem...

There may be an alternative way. It would help if there is cos it saves backing up all the mission and skin files...
Nope, but its about time I suppose....

Flyable aircraft:
Tempest MK.V
Mosquito FB.MK.VI*
MC-200 III
MC-202 III
MC-202 VII
MC-202 XII
MC-205 I
MC-205 III
Bf-109K4 C3 1.98Ata
Spitfire MK.IX 25lbs

AI aircraft:
Mosquito F.MK.IV*
MC-200 I
MC-200 VII

Dammit, I just wanna be able to fly the freakin Hs-129 for Christsakes, although the Ju-88 will be interesting....

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