Sopwith and Spit flying together

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i'd love to get up to a sunset Shuttleworth display one day where they regularly fly vintage WWI, pre- WWI and pre- WWII aircraft like this, i've heard they're simply stunning and because of the nature of these aircraft there're fewer safety precautions meaning you're closer to the aircraft!

and whilst waiting for the video i watched this
View: and it's really annoyed me- they do those safety announcements for a reason numbnutz! i hope if the aircraft did go down this guy didn't make it out alive, freakin' retard...........
Whats wrong with it? :lol: He's probably flown several times, and after about 2 flights it becomes pretty obvious what the drill is, and he seems to know and be able to plan his hand gestures quickly enough...I see no problem...They really are bloody boring if youve flown much before...and, if you fly with EasyJet, highly ironic, as they demonstrate safety procedures in a plane where the overhead locked are held together with gaffa tape and the ceiling lights are hanging by the wires :rolleyes: But if he hadn't flown before, then he is an arse...but will still be able to copy what everyone else does so I dont think he's really gonna care ;)
Fantastic video - I love the engine noise from the Camel!

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