Soviet/Russian Spitfires

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Nov 16, 2005
First post here.

I am doing research for a Spitfire model that I will be building in the near future. I want to make a Russian Spit instead the classic ol' Brittish that everyone makes. Unfortunatly, I m having trouble finding any info on them. What I really need right now is something like a 3 or 4 view of a Soviet Spitfire, telling me what colors to use and insignia placement.

Also, does anyone know where I can find a high quality drawing of the Guard's emblem (I don't know what else to call it) See the attached picture for what I am talking about here. The only soviet spit that I can find has this emblem on the tail.

Were any of the Russian Spitfires ever painted white and red, like the Mig-3 was somethimes done?


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hi m8 ive got an old book here, witch says that the hawker hurricane (russian version) is dark green with only 1 red star on the side and 1 smaller red star on the tail, i think the spitfire was something like that 2.

Im sorry i cant help u any further good luck making the model!

Hi !!!
I couldn't agree with Glider about a description in the picture. It's in a polish language. The description says that it's Spitfire LF Mk IX white 78 with guard emblem from 26 Guard Sqn located near Leningrad city area April 1945. Standard RAF camouflage colours, only fin and rudder white as an element of quick identification
I don't know if it can be useful but I've found only this
Let me know if you want to get the picture by e-mile. :D


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Ok. Don't be worry about it, I'm not a linguist too.However. it's very obvious that many people are mistaken about Poland and Russia and their languages. Besides, the picture is OK.
Thanks for all the replies. I really didn't expect to get much of a response. The Polish picture helps a bit. The model I have is already painted in a British Green/Grey camo. Looks almost exactly like the picture, except it has a white ring around the tail just ahead of the stab, instead of the white verticle in the picture. I found this page that has a good looking Spitfire Mk. Vb done in Soviet markings. This is what I planned to base my model from, but I like the look of the above picture a lot. I haven't decided yet.

And Thanks for the guard emblem. If you email it to me, will it be any larger?
Hi !!!!
Its size is 335x359.If it is too small I'll try to get the picture bigger.It would be nice if you could give me a proper size.
I think I have found what I need. I decided to use the guard's badge image that I had to start with, since it is a bit more detailed. It is smaller, but what I need it for is a decal, and it only needs to be about 7/8" tall, so it will work pretty good. I tried a few test prints of it, and it looks pretty sharp.

I wanted a larger version because it always looks best to reduce a larger image than to enlarge a smaller one. If you can get by enlarging by a factor of 2 only, then the image will not pixilate to badly. Luckily, I enlarged the badge by 200% and it's perfect.

I have decided to model the plane in the link I posted earlier (EP210), since my plane's current color scheme pretty closly matches that bird. I'll post a picture of my model when it's done. If I can figure out how to print decent decals myself, then I'll have it done in a few days. However, I think I'm going to need to order a custom set of decals, at which point it may take quite a bit longer.

Thanks for all the help
Hi !!!
It's very nice to hear that you decided to paint your model with the markings.Spitfire coulored in this como looks splendid but you should remember that russian mechanics weren't the masters of painting.Look at the picture.Your badge looks like today's one. Besides, it is a metal badge, the painted emblem can be different from the metal one which can be worn by soldiers.


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Hi Wurger,

Is there any chance you could e-mail me the Guard Emblem at 800x860? If you can I think I'll go with it for my project.

Thanks, Bob C
Great stuff guys! Does anyone have information (colors, camouflage, markings, etc.) on western aircraft operated by the Soviet Union in the post War years? I read recently about a Soviet A-20 torpedo squadron being operated out of China during the Korean War period and a Soviet A-20 actually being shot down!

Here's the Text...
"4 September 1950 A US Navy F4U-4B Corsair of VF-53, piloted by Ensign Edward V. Laney, shot down a Soviet Naval Aviation Douglas A-20 Box over the Yellow Sea, southeast of the Soviet-occupied Port Arthur Naval Base in China and west of the North Korean coast. Laney was one of a four-ship Combat Air Patrol from the carrier USS Valley Forge (part of Task Force 77), which was protecting US Navy air activity against North Korea not long before the Inchon landings. The A-20 was one of two belonging to the Port Arthur-based 36th Mine-Torpedo Aviation Regiment of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet, apparently sent out on an armed reconnaissance mission. A-20s had been supplied in quantity to the Soviets on Lend-Lease during World War 2, and this unit had had extensive experience during the war as torpedo bombers . The Corsairs encountered the two A-20s about 40 nautical miles from the Chinese coast. One A-20 turned back, but the other pressed on. As the Corsairs descended, the top turret gunner on the A-20 was observed to open fire. Richard E. Downs led Laney on a firing pass, and Laney hit the A-20 with his 20mm cannon. The Soviet aircraft then crashed into the sea. The US recovered the body of one Soviet crewman, later identified as that of Genaddiy Mishin, the copilot. The other two bodies, those of Senior Lt. Karpol, the aircraft commander, and Sgt. A. Makaganov, the gunner, were never found. Mishin's body was returned to the Soviets in 1956."

Here's the site...
Hi Flyboyj,

Take a look at this link:

Conversation with the maintenance chief
of an A-20G Boston of the 51st MTAP (Mine-Torpedo Air Regiment),
Nikolay Alekseevich Sterlikov
(regiment commander's aircraft, serial number 43-10067, tail number 51)

Down near the lower part of the Question and Answer they discuss the color of the plane in some pretty good detail.

Good Luck, Bob C

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