Spitfire I

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May 17, 2007
Can anyone point me to a good image of the well-known Chas Brown pre-war Spitfire I (19 squadron) photo? This picture was taken from above and from the Spitfire's 10 o'clock position. The pilot is looking up at the photographer with his cockpit canopy open - if it comes thru successfully, here is a poor-quality scan of a copy of a copy of a copy of a poor quality reproduction of the original shot.
OK, so is there somewhere on the internet that I have yet to come across where I can find a better reproduction of this classic view of the Spitfire I?
Thanks aircraft enthusers.


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Im still looking for that exact picture but so far I havent had any luck. I did find a different picture of the same aircraft with the same serial number showing the bottom view of the aircraft if you are interested.
Micdrow - thanks, but this is the shot I really want. How could there be a more aesthetic view of this beautiful aircraft? I believe the scan I show in my post was originally taken from a wartime book called 'Our Air Force' or 'Our Wonderful Air Force' - one or the other. Hard to believe it is not somewhere on the internet.

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