Spitfire Me109 toys

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Aug 6, 2012
Scratch built I envisioned these as post war toys for kids. Batteries are for prop and machine guns. I bought a cheap sound kit, don't care for the sound. These things are not fixable. They took at least 2 years to build. The barn swallow, I used for the pilot's insignia, the most graceful and beautiful birds ever. I showed the speaker grill s and battery comparts too. I wish I had cleaned them up but I didn't. The red button is "fire", The lever on the back is the prop.







Hope they're 800x600 I resized them ,hope not too many pics for one post
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I've toy built many WW1 models also, they are quite a bit easier, all angle, no curves or filets. A Northrup Gamma was a huge pain
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The Battle of Britain Playset, It just needs a fancy box.
I used to collect tin toys, mainly reproduction, Schuco, Paya , many no name Chinese toys. These planes were made out of scrap non corrugated tin cans. I used the plane proflies to use a central brass tube to solder the outside panels to.
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