Spitfire mk19 mixs and match.

Is the Spitfire mk19 PS890?

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Mar 9, 2005
Does the new engine have any effect on the performance? I know that the original mk19 could reach 45,000ft +. Yet this new engine is specialise for low level work (Avro Shankleton). What does it sound like compared to the normal prop spits? Is the cotra-prop like the Seafire 47's? Anybody have any opinions about it?
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Sorry I could find any desent picture but those are great! Don't you think the nose looks a it downwards pointing? I am not sure the contra-rota propellers look right? The rest of the aircraft looks great! I was wondering does anyone have any sound of this spit (I heard that the propeller make it sound slightly different)?
The spinner is abit too large because of the extra prop, but otherwise its an absolute beauty of an a/c.

The Spitfire Mk.XIV, what a fantastic looking aircraft that is !


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I know Mk.XIV's commonly had their wings clipped, but a few didn't, and I'm fairly sure that was one of them, but you could be right though.

Another photo of what for sure is a Mk.XIV:


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Now that one is. I know the other one wasn't because it was at Leuchars Airshow last year and so unless it has mysteriously changed it is still a MK-XVIII...

Anyway I think I am going to take some of those pics now...
Your sure it wasn't this one you saw ? (What a great pic huh?)


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i dunno, i think spitfire's look mean and menacing in a way but if you ask me planes like the -190A have brute force, the spitfire is much more refined and graceful........

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