Spitfire Performance Thread

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Aug 21, 2006
Document reports on Spitfires

Enjoy Micdrow


  • Clipped wing spitfire.pdf
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  • Spitifre history data.pdf
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  • Spitfire tropical vs Non tropical.pdf
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  • Spitfire Mk 8 Attitude Trials.pdf
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Good find. I saved it to my HD. It looks good too, although I prefer the classic elliptical look.


  • DSC_3340a.jpg
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Thanks evangilder, got to say your pictures are amazing. Love that picture. Would love to see one of those in real life. Seen plenty of spitfire's but not a clipped wing one.

Some Spitfire reports. Include a very interesting aileron performance comparison with Curtiss Hawk.


  • R&M2092-Spitfire propeller flight test.pdf
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  • R&M2213-Spitfire engine test.pdf
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  • R&M2379-curtiss H.75 Spitfire Gloster f5 aileron test.pdf
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  • R&M2507-Aileron test on a Spitfire.pdf
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Added a new document in the top message, comparison charts of spitfires with tropical filters vs non tropical filters.
NACA 1942 report on Spit Va stalling characteristics.


  • Stalling characteristics of the Supermarine Spitfire 5A airplane.pdf
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