Spitfire question

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Airman 1st Class
Oct 18, 2005
Bedfordshire, England
Can anyone pass me any infomation on this aeroplane:

Is it a new example that has just flwon or is it an old one thats been repainted?
Who owns her?
Where is she based?
well ollie its a dutch airforce spitfire mk(9) i think i have seen one exactly like it and it was based on the dutch raf museum in soesterberg. the one there could fly but there are a few repaired ones here in holland that still fly now and then.

this is there website, its also in english (check left top of the screen).

i hope u know enough now. 8)

That A/C was built as MK732 and passed to 485 Sqn, flown by Plt Off H W B Patterson who named it 'Baby Bea V' after his girlfriend.
It was credited with a shared JU88 over the Normandy beach head on 6th June.
After the war it was sold to the Dutch Air Force and designated H-25 and used as a trainer.
No14 Sqn RAF 'aquired' it and used it as a display outside RAF Gutersloh officers mess.
In 1969 it was returned to the Battle of Britain Memorial Fight from which it was used as a spares A/C prior to returning to Holland for restoration.

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