Stan Lee (no, not the comic book guy)

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Airman 1st Class
Nov 18, 2015
My mother's oldest brother, Stanley Lee, enlisted after Pearl Harbor and was accepted for flight training. He started B-26 school and then was transferred to B-25's. He said that his crew in B-25 training was made up entirely of Chinese Americans. You wonder if some PR guy in the Pentagon was responsible for that. When he got to the CBI, he said that crews were not kept together, they just grabbed whatever crew members and aircraft were available for a mission. Stan retired in 1970 as a C-141 pilot. Thirty years later, C-141's were getting center wing planks removed and the interior of the center wing walnut shell blasted to removed corrosion and I thought it remarkable that they had been almost new airplanes when Stan flew them. Stan managed to survive about ten years past the last C-141 flight. Since Xmas is near, I attached the Xmas card that he sent home in 1944.


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