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My friend Garry Fry (78th FG historian/author) has been supplying me with a ton of "Duxford Eagles" data and pix. This one, from the latest batch, really caught my eye.

Anybody know how to open an .info file? I'll be able to ID the gent when I can open the accompanying ID file Garry sent me.


great pic Wade ! say have you chatted with friends Dick Hewitt and Huie Lamb, both 262 killers ? how about Wayne Coleman another 262 killer ? all of the 78th fg.

keep posting 78th fg stuff please; wish I could help you with the info. file

Thanks, fellas, but evidently there is nothing on those files ... Garry emailed me after I sent them to a guy in Australia who volunteered to open them ... Garry is sending me detailed captions for these pics via snail mail.

Well, back to painting The Debden Kidd's runway ....

I'd like to put in a plug for Wades site............go check it out and his offerings on e-bay ...... wow ! can't beat those prices for originals and Remarques on some of them

good show Wade !! 8)


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