Stories of Bill

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I got a reply from the family. Mark is Bill's eldest son. I think this is a big 'thank you' for all members of our community and that's why I posted it here. It feels good for me that we as a community could do this for Bill in his last year.
Don't know what to say about his wife. Let's keep her in the family in our thoughts.
Hello Marcel,

Thank you for emailing the pdf file to me. That was very kind of you to compile this for my brother and me. From a quick glance I can tell there are some short stories that I have never read before, Consequently, I am looking forward to reading it.

Dad enjoyed your club so very much. And he spoke of you often, Marcel. He felt appreciated and important because of all of the attention your club gave to him. And to him, you were all his friends. That meant the world to him since he was holed up in his apartment around the clock caring for my mother.

Our mother started hospice care this week. She is not expected to live much longer and she doesn't want to. She misses Dad so much.

Take care Marcel and God bless you for your kindness to Dad and to my brother and me. I have downloaded the pdf. and will likely print a hard copy besides.

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