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Hollywood is incompetent to do a proper war movie, without turning it into a chick flick....

I wonder if that was a big enough spanner, thrown into the works...
Thanks, David :)

By the way, Red Tails was directed by Anthony Hemingway, produced by Charles Johnson and the executive producer was... George Lucas

That crap known as Pearl Harbor was directed by Michael Bay and produced by... Jerry Bruckheimer (yes, Jerry Bruckheimer of CSI, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc...)

Now, let's see what Spielberg has produced as far as WWII films go...
Survivors of the Holocaust (documentary) - 1996
Saving Private Ryan (movie) - 1998
Eyes of the Holocaust (documentary) - 2000
Shooting War (documentary) - 2000
Band of Brothers (TV series) - 2001
We Stand Alone Together (documentary) - 2001
Broken Silence (documentary) - 2002
Price for Peace (documentary) - 2002
Burma Bridge Busters (documentary) - 2003
Flags of our Fathers (movie - Clint Eastwood director) - 2006
Letters Home from Iwo Jima (movie - Clint Eastwood director) - 2006
The Pacific (TV mini series) - 2010

I think that if anyone was qualified to produce a quality film about the battle of Castle Itter, it would be Spielberg

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