stuka and kanonenfogel info

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i have seached the internet a couple of times to find out more about the junkers ju87 stuka and the anti-tank stuka g-2 kanonenfogel, but not very succesfull. :(

can some1 plz help me out with some info and/or pictures about these aircraft, (i would love to see a movie of 1 flying)

thanks, cp 8)

ps, a lot of people think the stuka is an ulgy aircraft what do u say?
i think its a very beautiful aircraft with them nice wings an shape.


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***** note to all who will see this thread *****

go to AVIATION and find BEST TANK KILLER at the top, maybe it is in polls. Look at the last 4 or so pages and find rare bio information on Kanonvogel and Fw 190 panzer aces. This has been trasnlated from the German to the Englsih and is found nowhere else on any internet WW 2 site. It is an EXCLUSIVE right here

guys go search through the archivs of the past year 2005 before you post please...........
read and learn, as I posted this info as well as on an earlier page in that lengthy thread the units of the SG's that had long barrel G's ins ervice. It was alsways the 10th Panzer staffeln and in one case of SG 9 at least 2 Panzerstaffeln went over to supplement SG 9's Hs 129's making SG 9 the most powerful Schlachtgruppen on the Ost front, or at least on paper.......

Erich ♫
yes some 28 pages of interesting reading and probably more poages on this subject that has been written on any other fourm on the net. and besides as I pointed out there are many other bios to go. I have one more bio Hs 129 big boy ace Ruffler to cover then back to Kanonvolgel G-1 and G-2 aces
de argentina escribo quisiersi seria posible conseguir algo de lo pozos de aterrizaje, interior y todo lo qie puedan de Stuka G-2 Kanonenvogel.
Desde ya les uqedo muy agradecido.
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