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Apr 15, 2005
Hey, just a thought. Some of the threads run really really long so it's hard for newcomers to the conversation to understand entirely whats going on and be sure they're not bringing up a topic that's already been covered. Many of these conversations have knowledgeable and interesting information in them, and I was just throwing this out there, maybe find a way to make them a tad shorter? I don't really have any ideas because I'm not sure what could be done. Just an observation.
well when threads reach about 20 pages, if there's a mod around thay try and lock them and move them to an archive thread, the final resting place of the "all time great" threads, and a new thread is started, this keeps them a bit shorter............
I would do this, however lack of computer is preventing me.

He's quite right though, the place is getting a little untidy.

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