Switchplates inside Hitler's personal aircraft

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Apr 14, 2014
I'm a private investigator who has a client that claims to have "switch plates" from Hitler's personal aircraft. He needs a picture of the inside of the aircraft in order to authenticate the switch plates. I'm assuming that he's talking about wall plates that cover switches, the same as in a house. Does anybody know what he's talking about and are there any photos that could authenticate his claim?
First there is not really such a thing as 'Hitler's personal aircraft', though a couple of later aircraft could be so described. Ignoring his early campaign aircraft, in 1932 he criss-crossed Germany in a Rohrbach Ro II, there was always a pool of government aircraft.

The 'Regierungsstaffel' or government squadron was first established in 1934 and comprised four Ju 52 all configured as regular Lufthansa line transports capable of carrying seventeen passengers.

In July 1939 the squadron received a Fw 200 'Condor'. This was also configured as a twenty six seat Lufthansa passenger aircraft and was used mainly as an accompanying aircraft for senior officials and guests. This aircraft was destroyed in Russia on December 23rd 1941.

In October 1939 another Condor was delivered to the squadron. This one served Hitler and other Nazi leaders throughout the war. It was heavily modified, including an armoured seat for Hitler. It was destroyed in an allied bombing raid on July 18th 1944. This is one of only two aircraft which could conceivably be described as Hitler's personal transport.

From 1942 the renamed 'Flieger staffel des Fuehrers' operated seven (just possibly eight) Condors, though as many as thirteen unarmed versions passed through its ranks according to Bauer.

Only one could possibly be described as Hitler's personal aircraft, werknummer 0137, CE+1B. It was fitted with the armoured seat and escape system as were two others, that assigned to Goering (but used by Himmler) and a reserve aircraft delivered in 1943.

The F.d.F operated many smaller aircraft, none were used by Hitler.

In May 1945 four Condors of the F.d.F. were captured by the British at Flensburg. These did not include 'Hitler's' aircraft. Two ended up flying with the Danish airline D.D.L. One other was scrapped, the fourth was that used by Himmler which was brought to the UK and scrapped in 1947. All the others were either scrapped immediately after the war or destroyed by bombing towards the end of the war.

Identifying a piece of equipment as being from the relevant type of aircraft does not make it part of one of the Regierungsstaffel or F.d.F. aircraft. Only a solid provenance can do that. Most of the aircraft used by the government were no different to a standard Lufthansa passenger aircraft of the period and there would be no way of telling which particular aircraft a part came from without some very good fortune. Anybody seriously buying into a 'Hitler artefact' is going to want that provenance.



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