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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
While searching for the illusive RAF Post Office Red I came across this site. It contain Tamiya mixes for USAAF, RLM and RAF. I can't vouch for the accuracy but I have seen some of the mixes used here before. You have to scroll to the bottom of this link to get to the USAAF colours.....Tamiya Paint Database – UK Aircraft Colours WWII
Good stuff. It's one of the few such databases that I have seen that don't merely copy and paste the recommended mixes from the Tamiya instruction sheets, which are often suspect.
Much appreciated. With the 'investment' that I have in my Taymia color collection, and never having the right ones, and having to buy Vallejo, this will save not only outlay but bottle shelf space.
I've decided since restarting modeling, is that after you take into account scale effect, weathering, and not having accurate physical color charts, I'm going to use the straight Tamiya colors. I'm lazy and the different builds will have a consistent color palette. I completely understand those of you who do custom mix.
Regarding actual colors on the fullscale aircraft, there can be a necessity requiring a color applied to the plane that was not quite spec. When in the USAF reserve we were painting the group's C-119s and I was painting the blue stripe between the white top and the rest of the fuselage. The sergeant was told there will not be enough blue and he said to mix in enough gray to finish the last two planes. Out on the ramp, no one could see the difference unless it was pointed out which two planes were different. If a modeller was trying to determine the color of the stripe from a photo, it would be speculation, especially from a B&W photo. That's why I don't worry about the color from one brand to another. Additionally, when touch up of a color was required, spray cans from supply were in Krylon labels with govt spec numbers. I used USAF Krylon zinc chromate for interior of plastic and flying models.

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