Tank sinking a ship/frigate?

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Jul 5, 2005
vancouver ,B.C.
My great uncle James Mcinnes from the DCOR-9 corps from British Columbia, and the regiment sank a ship on the Rhine River.It was possible it was a frigate? The story goes that the regiment crested a hill and found a ship on the Rhine and sank it in 1944/45. The bell is in Duke of Conaught? Own Rifles on Beatty&Georgia street in Vancouver.My Dad has been told this story from Uncle James many times before James death in 1959.Just wondering if someone can verify this story as I haven't found this story in any book or video. :confused:
This I have definately read about but I am trying to work where. It wasn't a major part of a book just mentioned as one of the events in the war.
It stuck in my mind as two tanks were involved. One concentrated on the Bridge and wheelhouse whilst the other concentrated on the waterline. This was the ideal thing to do and they obviously kept their heads about them. Most gunners in this situation just aim for the ship.
I cannot promise to find the reference but will try.
Hmm that would be intersting to find out. Doubt it was a frigate in the Rhine probably a large patrol boat but either way it is a really interesting story and would be great to find out if it is true.
Still looking I am afraid, but it is true of that I am certain. It was probably a Minesweeper as the Germans used theirs for all naval tasks includng as escorts.
Re the Pz IV when Italy threw in the towel the majority of her navy sailed for Allied ports but the Germans did what they could to capture them before they sailed. There were around 4-6 Italian corvettes that were damaged or sunk by German land forces. It is safe to assume that PziVs were involved.
The vessels included the Lucciola and Berenice,

For those who are interested, these vessels were in some ways the most advanced in the wrld. They had diesel engines for cruising and electric for the silent hunting of submarines.
I would go with you Adler a frigate is a big vessel for a tank to sink unless it is not returning fire or maneuvering ofcoures in which case you have lots of time to empty your entire supply of ammo into its waterline something around the size of a minesweeper or less would be feasable.
Anymore info would be appreciated.My dad was 13/14 years old when Uncle James died.So info would have been sketchy.Thanks anyways.
SHORT VERSION << British sub fired torp at Italian ship (small ship, Italian MTB), shallow water, shingle bottom, torp ran up the shingle and hit the support structure of the viaduct as a train was going over. POOF, instant train sinking and try painting THAT on the side of your conning tower!

I am afraid that I have been unable to find the reference. I know I read it but it hiding somewhere
Sorry Rag

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