Tank sinking a ship/frigate?

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Oct 17, 2006
Brisbane Queensland
Who said War was serious business. I remember reading a book that involved old Sepoy Wars in India with the British in the 1800s. Indians were attacking British line by using elephants. One particular elephant got scared turned away from attack presented its rear quartars to British artillery on the field and one gun battery scored a direct hit with 6lb shell piercing elephants arse killing it instantly. Talk about elephant enemas hahaha

My own father also scored a direct hit on an old Arab pedalling a bicycle in the Middle East. When Dad was a member of the 6th division in Palistine early in 1941. he and his mates were returning off leave in the back of a truck and they came across boxes of Bully Beef. They decided to begin lobbing the Bully Beef Boxes from rear of truck just as they passed an old Arab gentleman riding his bicycle. It appears one of the boxes thrown by my father hit this Arab right in the face knocking him clear of the bicycle and spawling across the road. Does this count wounded by friendly fire or what hahaha


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Oct 2, 2006
It was Bin Laden's dad out for a little ride round...

You may laugh, but that's how it starts.


Aug 20, 2021
My great uncle James Mcinnes from the DCOR-9 corps from British Columbia, and the regiment sank a ship on the Rhine River.It was possible it was a frigate? The story goes that the regiment crested a hill and found a ship on the Rhine and sank it in 1944/45. The bell is in Duke of Conaught? Own Rifles on Beatty&Georgia street in Vancouver.My Dad has been told this story from Uncle James many times before James death in 1959.Just wondering if someone can verify this story as I haven't found this story in any book or video. :confused:
I’m actually a private at the British Columbia Regiment in Vancouver BC, and I can confirm we do have the bell displayed in our officers mess.


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Jun 11, 2021
On june 12, 1944, according to the after action records of the 2nd Bn Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (from the 6th​ Airborne Division, led by Major Howard of Pegasus bridge fame), two ''gunboats '' moving on the Orne canal (the canal from Caen to the sea), that were firing on the 7th​ Para Battalion HQ were shot with a PIAT (the same PIAT that had disabled a Pz IV at Pegasus bridge). One was disabled and the other turned way.
This was confirmed by the war diary of the 7th​ Para that stated that the crew was captured.
The ship was the 950 tons Friedrich Busse (VP212), an armed trawler from the 2. Vorpostenflottille.

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