Target ware or IL-2:1946

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Sgt. Pappy

Airman 1st Class
Jun 7, 2006
I've tried 1946 on my buddy's laptop, and wow, i find it fun! the planes are very realistic but the only thing i dont really like is the fact that one cant switch fuel tanks.

I recently found out that theres a downloadble game called 'Target Tobruk' and it's got an LF Vc Spitfire... LF Vc! Anywho, I was wondering what you blokes felt about which one is better.

I've not tried 1946, but have every copy of IL-2 before it. I prefer Targetware for its more exacting flight model. Takes some effort to be able to fly well, and I'm not a "pilot".

Each SIM brings its own approach and each will have its followers, so what does it mater which is best, as long as we enjoy the experiance.
I have every copy of Il2 but the latest 1946 update, as well as all the TW mods.

I love Il2s graphics, but i wish it had Targetware's detailed flight model!

I like Targetware's cockpits because you can use track ir, and move around in the cockpit side to side up and down with the arrow keys, il2s head just pivots in place.

Il2 has better single player.

I wish Targetware would get out of the beta stage one of these days!
hmm i guess i will try it. Spitfire LF Vc, here i come!

ok i just dwnloaded it.... and it keeps 'encountering a problem and needs to close' and it's not telling me why..
Post your problem on the forum, and they'll help you out...

Also Chk the log file...


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