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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
well after hearing the cheery news early this morn, actually my beautiful bride woke me up and said you better hear this for yourself ..........

the head haunchos riding in the Tour de France seemed to be janked out by the Doping authorities. Jan Ullrich 97 winner of the TdF and the hopeful from CSC Ivan Basso have been indited into the dopers hall of fame along with some 50 other cyclists. I'm so frickin proud of these loons giving "my" sport the lead in the all time dopers awards ............

well ladies and gents I am going to form my own team for 2007 : Team Meatball with proud sponsership by Lesofprimus. Jerseys will go on sale this upcoming spring. 8)

geez, screw em all !
I'm working on the Logo / Design for the Jersey this weekend.

So Les how do you look in Spandex ? ;) yeah your wife will luv ya
yeah I use to do that too until I got on my bike and rode like a man possessed and blew the kids right off the pavement. The wife thinks I am a stud ....... heck if your in shape anyone including babes look good in tight spandex. Fat Meatball Budweiser chic's .......... arg ! no-way
yes you have to "get into it" I suppose. part of the TdF will ride through Germany but not real sure where, and then of course the Pyrenees most probably in the big hills and Alps and into France. I haven't got a clue who get behind with the big boys under doping suspicion

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