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Tech Sergeant
Nov 5, 2005
Hi all,

I have not been around for a few weeks, I have been on holidays. I went to Toronto and Bermuda. I had a great time and got alot of sun, beach and food. I thought I would share a few pics of my trip with all you guys. These first ones are just some shots of Bermuda in general.

If you guys want I can post more if you like them. I hope they turn out not too large.

Nice to be back home.


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These ones are from a old old British port there, we looked around at all the buildings, cannons and rooms. It was impressive, there was one pic of it in the first post of mine.


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I know sorry about that. I think instead of posting more and having to resize them all, which would take forever I might just not post more. lol

Nice to talk to you again its been a while.
Nonskimmer said:
Nice pictures. I've been to Bermuda, and it's a nice little spot. Expensive as hell though. Or at least it always was.

Still expensive as hell. lol You can't even have a burger and fries (for me, wife and 2.5 years daughter) without spending $70 American. Yikes

Nice to see you again Skimmer.
Nonskimmer said:
You too, man. Welcome back.

But please, not "Skimmer". ;)

Its funny you say that b/c I was thinking that you are almost the only guy here, one of the main guys that is, that I don't know your first name.

Sorry about that NS.

Oh crap I actually started choking there Wayne when I read that. LMFAO:D

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