The Czar bomb

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
Biggest H-Bomb ever detonated. The result of Comminust giganticism gone haywire.

The end of the clip shows the blast radius superimposed over London.


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Wow good clip there. At a certain point it was just to see who could get bigger than the other. A bomb that size would have done no significant change over other smaller bombs in a war. It was pointless to have a bomb that big.
I read a tech report on it, and the Russians would have used it (if they had any bombers left to carry it) against large urban area's, like the Rhur, Tokyo and NYC
I do not doubt that they would have use it. I just think it would have pointless. The smaller nukes would have done same amount of damage necessary to cause destruction, devestation, and fear.
The Russians are currently developing a nuclear missile tipped with a nuclear warhead that is six times bigger than any nuclear warhead before it.
Can you tell where did you read that? Russians now are fond of their mobile launch complex Topol-M and other stuff where separated warheads are used and think of them as an answer to America's new "Star Wars".

As for the Big Bomb I think it was made only for research purposes (IMHO).I mean, there's no such place on Earth that must be bombed with THAT thing, is there? And Russian early nuclear bombs where powerful only to compensate their inaccuracy.As one guy said on this topic: "If it would fall a mile away from the preassigned destination it wouldn't really matter.Everything is simple - One bomb, one megaton, one city."
Marconi, it was built as part of the Russian idea of "showtime". It was to prove to the world that they could build one as well as use it if they needed to.
I read it in the news about five months ago but I can't find the story again.

So, sorry, but I can't provide the source. However, it's obvious that Russia is developing new weapons systems and larger size warhead isn't out of the question with modern missile and rocketry technology.

The ABM treaty and START II no longer exist because the U.S and Russian removals of them, so now is another period of nuclear rearmament. However, now, the countries have no need to test physically because computers can simulate a nuclear explosion, albeit it does take three months to do so. This development as rendered the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty obselete - and pointless!

The Moscow Treaty, or SORT, is also missing key elements of what is truely needed for nuclear disarmement. While the number of warheads deployed will be reduced, they won't be destroyed - only stored. And the tactical weapons of the two great nations were not mentioned.

Is the Cold War really over?

Anywho, I'll continue looking for the news story.
Good question. I persoanlly think the new "Cold War" will be much different however and involve nations such as Iran, N. Korea, and China atleast until we do something about it, which might not be too far off.
Oh well if it's Russian it probably wont work when they need it to, then again its probably also liable to go off at random as well :shock:

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