The Men who work inside

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Staff Sergeant
Jul 2, 2006
Kiwi Land
Should you chance to see a fire
On your city's thoroughfare
With the Ladder Trucks and Engines
And the water in the air.
And the speed of your Department
That you laud with civic pride,
Then will you give a thought to
The men who work inside?

Now if you want sensation
Just don a rubber coat.
And follow in a line of hose
Through water, heat and smoke.
There you'll find the scene of action
Where men's grit and strength are tried,
But the smoke won't let you see much
Of the men who work inside.

If it wasn't for the darkness
You might know what happens there,
But you'll feel your eyeballs aching,
And you'll note the lack of air;
If a wall begins to topple,
Or a floor begins to slide,
You'll only take the chances
Of the men who work inside.

There are duties that require
Outside work at every fire,
And the men who fill these places
Cannot justly be decried;
But still the hidden actors
And the most important factors
Are the men behind the nozzles –
The men who work inside.

So, if you feel elation
For the fire's short duration
And your Fire Department justifies
Your surge of civic pride,
Then don't forget to mention,
(For it's fair and just contention)
That the men who knock the flames down
Are the men who work inside.

Author unkown.

After 5 hours yeaterday at a fairly decent size wildfire, and other recent events, that hit a chord with me. I am one of the men inside.
Truly modern day heros. Except according to the papers the only plaudits thrown to Firemen tend to be half a house brick by hoodies here. Another reason for me to escape to NZ.
we don't get any problems like that down here and the firebrigade are rarely needed in this area, when they are it's more than likely for a barn full of hay that's gone up :lol: everyone apprechaites and respects them though...

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