The ME's On IL2

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Dec 17, 2006
Ok, so I want to fly the jets because i think their tottally freakin awesome right?

Well Its not an option on the quick mission... And when Make a unit in full builder mission the spot where it says for the person to fly the plane, wont let you click it.

Help please? I guess i dont know really what im doing. I want to know how I can select it so that I fly that plane on full mission builder.
Do you have Pacific Fighters merged with IL2? This sounds like a case of the Coral Sea map. It's the one map in Quick Mission Builder that won't allow you to select non-naval planes, jets included. Try selecting another map and see what happens.

And when Make a unit in full builder mission the spot where it says for the person to fly the plane, wont let you click it.
I haven't got a clue what you just said there.
Thanks ill try it out, and what I mean is there is a select box for you to check if you want that plane to be you (player) and it wound not allow it to be clicked.
Ok, so i tired 5 different maps, and yes they were not "sea maps" Or Coral which is in pacific fighters. There is a number of planes in which I cannot use and I cant Figure out why!
Hmmm, this is new to me. :-k
Are you trying to select a non-flyable plane by any chance? Not evey plane in the game is available to the player I'm afraid. Although all of the jets should be. Hmmm. :-k
Well, when I go to quick builder missions. I can select a plane to fly... the ME's (and jets) are not on the list no matter what of the 3 maps i choose they are not there... But when I click an allied plane or enemy plane they have all the planes including the Me's I dont get it...
there is only one patch out that i dont have so yea i have them all except one..
In that case, the Me-262 is not flyable in the original IL-2. The first game in the series that includes a flyable Me-262 is IL-2 forgotten battles, but if you're interested in flying jets I guess you should get '46' which includes the whole series plus addons and many experimental german and russian jets.
1946 also includes the manchuria and Pe-2 add-on
it cost me $40 here, and it cost the same here as the complete edition IL-2]

and the bonus DVD rocks, now i can't wait for BoB (coming here this Feb) and they got airshows and other stuff in it too
dude, I got it, and i live in a little island which you don't know about

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