The paint of the Condor

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Oct 30, 2006
Sintra - Portugal
Hi all;

Good morning (here, in Portugal).

Today's day it's the "D day" to the camoufalge paint of the Condor.
Some problems with the engine color´s and the gondola who is a litle badly painted (windows splashed with drops of ink - how can I clean ??).
Now I´m prepared to retouch the paint.


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Perhaps just your pics, but that poor Condor looks like it is getting quite the rough treatment! Model abuse, I say. You may be suffering from Polystyreneaphilia. :)
Sorry. My abuse of the english language. A joke. Polystyreneaphilia. Kinda link pedaphilia. But with geek panache. :)

Ignore me Fatucmean. Your model looks great. I'm jealous.
Polystyreneaphilia - it is a good name of a disease or an addiction.I think modeling it is a kind of a illness. :lol: So it is a very nice expression Matt.:)
I see and understand!
We have too, in Portuguese language, some interestig exprssions but I reserve to say.

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