The Pe-8

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Nov 9, 2004
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I was wondering if you guys have any information on the Soviet Pe-8 raids to Berlin. How successful were they and what kind of losses did the Soviet bombers suffer?
I dont have any information that i could post, but i remember reading somewhere, or i think i remember correctly, that the initial raids were very succesful, as in the bombs were dropped on the city, with few losses. However as the raids increased in frequency, the losses started to mount, split between fighters and AA and AAA, though i think the anit-aircraft guns got more kills than the fighters, the skies over berlin controlled by the allies.
Did you know that one Pe-8 was used by Soviet foreign affairs commissar/minister (NOTE: all people's commissariats became ministries in 1946) Vyacheslav Molotov to fly to London and Washington DC for discussions on opening up a second front in Western Europe against the Nazis, thinking that a two-front war would create so much work for Hitler's armies.
Did you know that one Pe-8 was used by Soviet foreign affairs commissar/minister

Yes, the aircraft did not fly to London, however, but landed at RAF Tealing, Angus, Scotland. In April 1942, Molotov arrived there aboard one to sign a treaty with his British opposite Antony Eden. This base was subsequently used as a transit stop by the Soviet delegation aboard the Pe-8 before flying to the United States.

I just noticed, the image at the head of the Wiki page is taken at Tealing- note the 56 OTU Hurricanes in the background. Here's a clearer picture:
Note the de Havilland DH.93 Don in the background. I was scratching my head thinking, tail's too pointy for a Spitfire...

Hi Grant. The caption is calling it a Hornet Moth and I tend to agree as I feel certain I'm seeing a top wing. The aircraft behind the Moth is interfering with the nose outline...

Yup, Graeme, looks good. It also unwittingly provides a means for Molotov to get to London to talk to Eden, although a Don would have been faster. Tealing is a long way from London. At first glance I was puzzled...

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