Three wheeler car

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Jan 17, 2011
Russian technology.

But if the owner put the spare wheel on, he'd then have a log mounted on the rear door, sticking out either side of the rear of the vehicle .............
You know I have seen this picture a couple of times before, but never noticed the spare! :lol:
No doubt the hub or axle was damaged and so its easier to lash it up, until you crash and write the whole thing off with driver and passengers of course.
Well, at least he doesn't have one of those room air conditioners strapped and duct taped into one the rear windows!
My company did that in Saudi Arabia, bolted an A/C unit onto the top of a Dodge van. We did have a generator to power it though when we stopped.
Yep... also it seems that driving without a wheel is quite well known since the WW2. Both of the IS-2 tanks lost one of them at least.
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