Thrust and Gravity quit working O_o

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This has never happened to me in my 8+ years of flying this sim.
I was flying an old Single mission by Eurofinn "Beaufighters In Action" and a plane just got stuck in the air and wouldn't go anywhere. Luckily I recorded an .ntrk and was able to watch it again and the same thing happened in the ntrk. The plane that was stuck in the air going nowhere was my wingman in this mission and this happened a couple of minutes after I had died. I ran into some trees and lost a wing. :oops:

If you watch the ntrk from the external view of my wingman at around 21:17 the screen goes black but the ntrk doesn't stop. If you switch to one of the static cameras you can see the scenery again.

I am patched to version 4.11.1.

I've uploaded the ntrk into this post if you want to watch it.



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This sometimes happens in games, usually for me in Battleifelds game, where methinks the PC gets so busy with GFX, effects and sounds, that it forgets to, or cannot continue with plotting and moving the A/C, think of it like a un-crash to desktop crash.
Could be related to virtual memory, memory leaks, too high a setting for some hardware or too many programs running in the background perhaps. Myself, I might have had something similar happen in IL2 once or twice since the game came out.
There should be someone who cold better advise you at SAS1946, 1CForums or other (of your national language) IL2 related forums.
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