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Jan 3, 2006
There calling it MITCHELL MADNESS. the schedule is out. July 7 8. they already have a preliminary schedule of aircraft to include 15 B-25 mitchells, subject to change of course. They also have got snodgrass flying a mustang acro program and the BLUE ANGLES for you jet nuts out there. Looks like it's gonna be another great show.
It looks like this year there trying to become more of an airshow than just a warbird event. They now have Sean D. Tucker scheduled to perform with his challenger biplane, another excellent act. I just hope this doesn't take away from the warbird theme that the show is known for.
They have recently updated there aircraft list and it is looking to be a pretty good show.

I purchased the fotopit and tour for saturday, I'm hoping to be able to try out my new canon digital XT and lenses. I'm still learning with the camera but so far I really like it. My only concern is that I haven't got a wide angle lense as of yet. We'll see how it goes with out it. Just out of curiosity, you photographers out there, do you any type of photo storage device and on average with these new cameras about how many photo's do you take. Still trying to decide wheather I need one or not.
I don't bother with any type of portable storage for a number of reasons, added weight to carry and their relative fragileness are the main reasons. Flash/SD cards are pretty cheap nowadays and they are light and easy. I download them all to the computer when I get home and back them up on DVD.

For the record, I haven't used any wide angle lenses this season at all. But since I got the Sigma, it's easier to use one lens for everything. It's 50-500mm, so I can cover most ranges, except big planes close up on the ground.

Sean Tucker does a great performance and is a nice addition to any show. I saw the last show with the original Oracle Challenger last year a few days before it crashed. Good to see he had another challenger.
Well it's almost that time. This will be the first show of the year for me so you should see some new pics coming soon. I'll finally get to try out my new camera. What I've done at my clubs IMAC (Internation Miniture Aerobatics Club) contest came out really well. What I do need if anyone has any solutions is a good way of shrinking the photo so I can post them, I haven't figured that out yet.

Is there going to be any of you in the photo pit on sat. during the show, that's where I'll be at shooting and shooting and shooting.
It was another great show. we saw a total of 15 mitchells and all flew at one time. That made for a rather thunderous passing, " just breathtaking ". I also got to see snodgrass fly and aero routine in the corsair on sat. and a mustang on sunday and the blues looked very crisp as to be expected. They had a nice vintage jets segment with a mig 17, f-86, t-33,and a t-2. Also had a sar demo with a very old chopper, I don't know the name of it but I got picture of it. I'll try and post some as soon as I downsize them a bit. They also had sean D tucker and the challenger doing a great act as well. The weather was just awsome, Alittle warm but clear blue skies. Anyway I'll be working on some pics as soon as I get a chance.
Here's one of the early morning mitchells.


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couple more


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Does anyone recognize the building in the background of this pic.

Hint: It produced a few thousand b-24 liberators.


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here's one of fat albert that I thought came out nice.


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