Tomahawk Sq histories

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Apr 11, 2007
Does anyone have access to histories, ORBs etc for these squadrons, specifically for their activities in North Africa (about 1942):

208, 250 and/or 260 Squadrons.

They all flew Tomahawks at some stage during this period.

I'm looking for any information on a Sikh Pilot - M S Pujji.

I've managed to track his career for most the squadrons he flew in in Europe, India and Burma. However, I've yet to establish his activities in North Africa (other than his anecdotes which don't specify unit). I've been able to discount all other squadron possibilities (I think).


p.s. that's him in my avatar.
Thanks for checking, Wildcat. I know that site very well, and I agree, it really is superb. Combined with everything else I've read, and found on the interweb, I can place Pujji's movements apart from Africa.

Have to admit that I have been a bit lazy. I know RAF Hendon hold some files on him, but I've haven't had a opportunity to visit their reading rooms yet.


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