Tyabb Airshow 2004

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
Where the hell is Tyabb you all ask:D

Its a small town about 15-20kms from me. This place has a small airfield and house a mustang, 2 tiger moths and 3 harvards in their hangars.

This was the first time I'd ever seen a spitfire fly and also the first and only time Australia's 7 flying mustangs were together. The big bonus was at the time the CA 13 Boomerang was then just flying again. And a Wirraway.
Wish we had a digital camera at the time obviously one roll of film can only go so far.:(

Some pictures taken by my father and myself, they were on film and I scanned them so quality may look iffy. No where near as good as some of you guys!

thanks for looking,
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