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Jan 9, 2004
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U-742 under attack from a Catalina patrol plane. Despite suffering from a staggering 72 wounds sustained during the bombing, RAF pilot John Cruickshank sank the U-boat and returned to base 5 and a half hours away. He was awarded the Victoria Cross.

(From Jeremy Clarkson's book "I know you got soul")

(Sorry for the poor picture, the book wouldnt fit in the scanner ;) )


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I've got a story back home of the only aircraft and pilot to sink 2 U-Boats in one mission. I remember the pilot's name was Terence Bulloch and he was flying Liberators in 120 squadron but I can't remember the codes for the aircraft
72 wounds must be from the shrapnel I suppose. note if the U-boot is correct in having the AA crews killed while the A/C is on the other side ? or is this the right boot ? note the twin 2 20mm installations pointed in the wrong direction and the 37mm to the rear. One reason why later war boots starting having a front turm with a heavy AA piece forward.....

interesting pic.......
Erich spotted the mistake. I believe it is the wrong boat. F/L Cruickshank and his crew sank U-347 July 17 1944. If the picture is of U-742, records show that F/O R Vaughan and his crew, who were also flying a Catalina IVA out of Sullom Voe, sank the boat the following day. There are a number of extraordinary similarities in the details of the 2 actions. I cite Gallery (where you can find details of all known aircraft losses in Shetland during WWII) and also uboat.net/boats/u742.htm. My father was a member of F/O Vaughan's crew. They all survived but the aircraft neve made it back to base. He had a 4.5 US gallon cylindrical metal water container full of shrapnel holes as a memento.

welcome aboard the forum, good eyes on ya.............yes I still think it is the wrong photo
Thanks Erich. I've just visited uboat.net again and they say the sinking of U-347 was by a Liberator and U-361 was sunk by Cruickshank's Catalina. The 2 records are alleged to have previously been confused. However, the picture mystery is still not solved as all 3 boats were type VIIC which appearto have had deck guns forward of the conning tower.

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