Undocumented Japanese Flight Set

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    This was just published in the latest issue of Banzai magazine, and I thought I would share it.
    Here are a few pictures of an undocumented Japanese winter flight suit set, a jacket and a pair of trousers. Both are dated 1944. So far as we know these have not been documented any where. Both pieces are fur lined and quite durable. They resemble the IJA summer flight suit set, with these noteable differences, first of the flight jacket;
    1. fur lined
    2. no belt
    3. no zippers at sleeve cuffs
    4. electric hook up for the heated head gear and goggles
    The trousers provide the same flexibilites as the summer set with the differences of;
    1. fur lined
    2. fur lined pockets
    3. no belt or ties attached
    4. belt loops for a removeable belt
    5. no zipper at pant cuff, only buttons and loops to taper the legs to fit into the flight boots

    As always I welcome your comments and view points. This thread merely to alert the collecting public that there are undocumented items out there, and to be on the look out for them.
    Please tell me where and if these items are shown any where else, my self and a few others, believe that this set is not listed anywhere else.
    Enjoy the pictures
    Cheers, Falcon

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