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    I have been given a small booklet that contains a transcription of Instructions issued to US servicemen going to Britain in 1942
    I am posting the 1994 forword and a couple of other bits from it
    It contains some interesting things but it is the overall feel that is good as of course 60 odd years ago for the average US person traveling to Europe was something reserved for the wealthy and the US guys where all Hollywood stars to most Brits as they only saw them in the Movies.
    The booklet measures 10X15cms and is 1cm thick.
    You may well have the originals In the states but if any of you fellas over there would like to have it I will be only happy to post it to you for free all I need is a mailing address of some kind to send it to ( perhaps your local mail depot or work office if you do not wish to supply more personal details) . if you are interested just PM me, I only have the one copy so its first come first served.

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