USAAF aircraft losses

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Thanks yeah, this isn't the only project I've done on WW2 aviation, but for this particular thing I was focused mainly on the combat history of the P-40, partly because the summarization / shorthand of it seems to be so distorted. I've also done a bit on seaplanes and flying boats, air combat in the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of France, and on Russian front, and various little eddies around the Pacific, but I never really focused on the 8th AF partly because it seemed to be so well covered. I'm also generally more interested in the earlier periods of the war (s).

I like trying to figure out mysteries, basically. Which this site is helpful for.
Pdf to USAF historical study IAW EO12958



  • AAFHS-85.pdf
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Wild_Bill_Kelso Wild_Bill_Kelso Not to dis respect or any thing but can you see a very large project ahead? At least you have a good start now with a more or less base document.
Good luck and go for it. Hope this will help you in your research.
Hi, thanks.... this the same scan of the USAF-85 study, or am I missing something?

I have no plans to try to figure out the entire air war. I was just trying to find combat mission data for the USAF P-40 units, which I think I have done at this point actually. I have also been compiling data for the British and Commonwealth P-40 units which is almost done. I was hoping to get Russian data but that window seems to have closed, sadly.
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