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did you actually get her anything :lol: never had a valentines... dount that's gonna start this year :lol:
Ha yeah hes such a chav :lol: I gave my gf a a mix tape, che gave me a real nice home made card (We dont do big - we hate valentines day). Walking round at lunch as well some random girl asked if I could be her valentine, to which I duly replied NO ;)
2 roses for my babe' today. mucho appreciated which will pay off nicely later ............. 8)
Ah... Valentines Day. A whole day to make your girlfriend thinks that she is important (when in fact you both know it) and gave her expensive things... Because if you don't, you're gonna sleep on the couch for the next two weeks.

Well, I don't have a girlfriend right now, so I did nothing special today.
I got the girl I fancy a Toblerone.

Only what with my shyness, (to be blunt) I was too much of a pussy to ask her to actually be my valentine... Also, I wrote out a card telling her I fancy her, but was too ashamed to give it to her. :oops:

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