VF-22 "Falcon/Bird" unit emblem/colors..............................

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    I have a black and white image of the WW2 design for VF-22, it was from a unit/cruise book , not sure when/where other than WW2 , what I am looking for is the time it was used and the Colors to this emblem especially .
    I will describe it here as I don't have anyway to post ,
    Round background , a large Cartoon Falcon/Hawk with a look of determination on face, he's riding astride a large lightning bolt, leaning forward and holding in upraised wings ahead of his body a large 50 caliber machine gun. this unit was aboard the USS Cowpens "Mighty Moo"

    Anyone who can help please drop me a PM , thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. they had another totally different VF-22 alos during WW2 , it was a Disney design, a cartoon Cat wearing a "musketeer" hat boots, and having a pistol in one hand a 50 caliber machine gun in the other resting on the edge of a long lightning bolt that cat is standing on,this emblem I have the colors details to, would like to know which emblem was used first .............................

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