VF-32 Fighting Swordsmen

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    Salute guys,

    Need alittle help on some correct paint and markings on 2 F-14a Tomcats that shot down the 2 Mig-23 Floggers on January 4th 1989. the 2 aircrafts are AC207 BuNo 159610 and AC202 BuNo 159437 and there is some question on the AC204 BuNo 159013 being the wing ac in this engagement. but the lead ac was 207. Im pretty sure that 207 and 202 are the cats in this fight so my hope is someone out there can find a web sight or has images of both of these Tomcats. Im working on a compasite image of this engagement and I would hate to get the colors and markings wrong. AC202 I believe is in the ghost grey color and markings but AC207 maybe in the more conventional fleet colors and markings.

    I pretty much got the history on this as I was in this battle group in 88/89 on the USS John Rodgers but I never got a chance to see the squadron aircrafts in person. this squadron was stationed on the USS John F Kennedy [CV-67].
    Any help on this would be a big help!

    Salute Wolf

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