Vietnam: The best Medium/MBT tank

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Which is your favourite/do you think was the best Medium Tank/MBT in Vietnam?

  1. M48 Patton (incl. 152mm flamethrower)

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  2. Centurion (in Australian Servive)

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  3. T-34 (76 85mm)

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  4. T-54

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  5. T-55

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  6. Type 59

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    Haven't been around for a while now, but I stumbled on here whilst researching the history of the APCBC shell.

    Anyway the SPG article I started was top, so I went there. Seems it's a popular SU-100 vs Jagdpanther debate, so I thought I'd start a thread I've been thinking of starting for the last 2 years.

    That is which Medium/MBT do you think was the best? - the title says it all.

    There is confusion as to whether these were MBTs or Mediums too, if you wish to give your opinion on that too that could also be interesting...I consider the T-34 to be a Medium, and the others MBTs - though officially they were considered Mediums, having evolved from Heavy Cruisers/Universal (Centurion), Heavies (Patton-Pershing) and Mediums (others-T-43/44).

    Let's try to ignore crew performance here though please, though I suppose they are THE most important factor in any engagement. However, crew-directedfeatures such as simplicity or comfort do count.

    The arguements seem to be very similar to the SU-100/Jagdpanther article, as the good old D-10 returns, and the more accurate(?...) Alied 83 90mm guns are similar to the PaK43.

    I'm afraid I can't seem to add a poll, as I'm outta practise. I'll try, but if I fail - if a more capable mod would be kind enough to do that for me though?

    The options are: M48 Patton, Centurion (Australian), T-54, T-55, Type 59 and the venerable T-34.

    BTW any info on the early history of APCBC would be welcomed...:)

    - Edit: I left a question mark off the end of the title, d'oh! Can I correct it? (At least I noticed I'd put famethrower, insted of fLamethrower, tee-hee!)

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