wait at the red light

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Apr 2, 2005
Hi: somebody send me this picture, i don't know if this is real.
the name for the file is Luz roja maybe the place.



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I talk to my frend who send the file and he talk that this is real
at Luc roja a town in Greece.

I try to find something about that but i find nothing,

My god?! Uve got traffic signs in italy then?? We should watch out or those italians want to dominate the world again.. :2gunfire:

And eu, by the why. Who's that Burt Rutan then?
Just my two cents but...I have been to Corfu (been to that airport in fact) I don't remember there being anything even remotely THAT close. However, I know a little about digital alterations and this does not seem to be altered. I think it's been shot with a fairly large zoom lense which has a tendency to compress the depth of field. Either way it is a COOL shot!

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