Wars that might have brought Germany and Britain closer by 1914?

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Admiral Beez

Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
What wars during the late Victorian or Edwardian era (1890s - 1910) could have brought Germany and Britain closer diplomatically and militarily? I'm thinking, for example, Britain declaring war on Russia after the latter attacked the Dogger Bank fishing fleet in 1904. Any other chances where Germany might have fought alongside Britain instead of seeing her as a natural enemy? Maybe the 1898 Fashoda Incident that threatened war between Britain and France.

There's also the 1905, First Moroccan Crisis where Germany planned to drive a wedge between Britain and France. It would need to be better handled by Germany. As it was, the affair was a disaster for Germany:

Although Germany had intended aggressive action in Morocco to place a wedge between France and Britain, it in fact had the opposite effect, strengthening the bond between the two countries due to their mutual suspicion of Germany. What began as mere friendship turned, after the First Moroccan Crisis, into a type of informal military alliance, including conversations between the British and French governments and military staffs and later, a mutual defense agreement with a third country, Russia.

There were serious talks from 1898 to 1903 about a formal alliance between Britain and Germany. The bold bit below is the point I'm looking for, some incident to bring Britain and Germany closer. Maybe if Kaiser W2 dies and is replaced by someone both more pragmatic and confident in his own self.

For nearly a century, historians have studied the failure of the Anglo- German alliance talks which took place from 1898 to 1903. The importance of these discussions can hardly be underestimated as their ultimate failure ended what was perhaps the last great opportunity to reverse the tide of Anglo-German hostility; a hostility which eventually allowed the First World War to take on its global character.
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