Watch this Jim Bob.

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I would expect there was quite a load in his pants after this...

And if he didn't attend church before, he does now...
Yup, that was in one of the Fire Fighter forums I belong to.

Notice how the sensible Firemen are on the UPHILL side of the vehicle, while the numb nut medics are on the DOWNHILL, and NOT roped off.

Absolute shtupidity. Of a higher magnitude than the original half wit driver.

People do dumb things, no use killing yourself trying to help them afterwards.
I'm not 100% sure but that looks like Angeles Forest Highway just noth of Los Angeles. It's a road that connects the Antelope Valley with the most northern surburbs of LA. If it is the same road I used to drive it on a daily basis. I got to see some pretty wild things because of people acting like idiots.
Do they use motorway signs like this over there as well. :lol:


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"The milk- oh sh!t i knew i forgot something" in trying to avoid the subject altogether...........
:D My suggestion on the Fire forum was it would be a right bytch throwing the safety ladder from the bottom. :shock:

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