Water injection

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May 2, 2005
I'm new in this board.
I know that some Us built engines got the possibility to have a boost with water injection for a short time, i.e. R-2800 Double Wasp of

Thunderbolt, Hellcat and Corsair. How does the water injection affect the combustion to have super-power?

Thanks in advance

Well this helps, Yes thank you.
Do you have further links about other systems, like german water/methanol and nitrogen oxide (? not sure how it is called in english).

I'd like to know the power of some engines, becuase I suspect that
some confusion is often made between power with or without water injection.

FM-2 Wildcat was engined R-1820-56 or 56W. Anyway I always see that power was 1350 HP.
With or without water? Is it possible that without water the power was 1200 HP?

P-47B R-2800-21 2000 HP. OK
P-47C R-2800-59 2300 HP with water injection? It didn't have the W suffix.
P-47D R-2800-59 2300 HP ?
P-47M and N: R-2800-57 2800 HP. with or without water?


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