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Red Baroness

May 21, 2007
Upstate New York
Hey guys. Just an old b***h of an eagle stoppin by to say hello and checkin' out your forums.

Some of you might remember me linked with LuftwaffeOberst of CFS3 sound fame. Yep, same Red Baroness.

Just doin some research on Oberst Walter Oesau, trying to find information on my Hauer cousins in the Luftwaffe, might be sharing my evil cartoons with y'all later on if there be a place for that. Right now, I' think I'll head to bed and peruse your fine forums in the (later) mornin.

Take care!

Thanks guys!

Why do I want to live there? Well, my family originally came from there! I'm only 4 generations from it too, so I heard all the tales from my great-grandfather about the homeland, who heard it from his father, who came over on the boat to Ellis Island. It would be nice to return to the hometown that my family had their roots.

Barring that, though, a nice stay in Meldorf wouldn't be out of the question *wink wink*

Wiesbaden has become very big and industrial. It is right outside of Frankfurt Germany. Here is a pic when I flew a mission up to Wiesbaden last August (wow that has been way more than a few months :lol: Ive been out of the Army for quite some time now). It is hard to make anything out because we were landing just as the sun was coming up.

Have you been to Germany before? I have a thread about Bavaria (which I need to post some more pics in now) that you can check out to see the beauty of this region.


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Welcome to the forum.

Why do you wish you were in Wiesbaden? There are much nicer places here in Germany. I did do a flight up to Wiesbaden a few months back.

Easy there Hoss, my dear little granddaughter (Who my wife and I have raised since she was three months old) was born there! And that's where I first drank that Pils I told you about.
Yeah but Wiesbaden is too much of a city. The area around it is okay but Frankfurt and the area around is too large.
Yeah but Wiesbaden is too much of a city. The area around it is okay but Frankfurt and the area around is too large.

That's very true. Rudesheim is real nice but very much the tourist trap. But that's OK because watching the tourists while you're having a Pils is half the fun. All in all though, from what I've seen of Germany so far I still like Bavaria with its snow capped mountains and forests best.
gee thanks guys, sorry I've been away for a long time. Lot of things. Met Walter Schuck last June at Reading, can't go see him this year, as I'm going to be a mom around that time.

Anywhere in Germany where there's not a lot of %^*^ snow would be great; we have had over 8 feet in about a month here in Upstate NY.
We have only had snow for about a week here and that was back in December. Been warm ever since.

Congrats on your pregnancy.

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