What is this plane from the battle of great britain movie

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Jul 3, 2007
What is this plane? I've looked all over and I can't seam to find anything close to it. I'm asking what the german one is?
Thats a still taken from the Battle of Britain film. As mosquitoman a Spanish Buchon which was a licensed version of the 109.
thank you I figured that it was a copy or as close as hollywood could get to the BF-109
The mass shots were shot over Spain mostly.
They took 2 Heinkels and 5 Hispanos Buchon 109s to England for the rest of the filming.
From wikipedia:

Technical characteristics, Hispano Aviación HA-1112 M. 1. L Buchon

* First flight: December 29, 1954
* Joined service in: 1956
* Maximum speed: 665 Km/h, 360 knots, 415 mph
* Service ceiling: 10,200 m (33,500 ft)
* Range: 765 km (415 NM) without external fuel containers
* Crew: 1 man
* Armament: two 20 mm Hispano-Suiza 404/408 cannons; and two 80 mm, eight rocket Oerlikon devices

* Wing span: 9.92 m (32 ft, 6 inches)
* Length: 9.13 m (30 ft)
* Height: 2.60 m (8 ft, 6 inches)
* Wing surface: 16 m² (172 square ft)
* Wing load: 206 kg/m² (42.2 lb/square ft)
* Empty weight: 2,666 kg (5877 lb)
* Maximum weight: 3,330 kg (7341 lb)
* Engine: Rolls-Royce Merlin 500/45 of 12 cylinder in "V", with 1,600 hp; with a four-bladed propeller

Hispano Aviacion Ha 1112 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just to illustrate how the side profile of the Heinkel He 111 changed with Merlins to create the CASA C-2111D.The D was the bomber version while the E was the troop-carrier version.

Another aircraft utilised for the movie was the Percival Prentice. Four of them were dressed up to represent half-scale Stukas, complete with cranked wings.


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