What the heck is wrong with Cornwall City Council??

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It's the new way, Dave. Someone's feelings were hurt by big bad war machines. Hopefully someone with historical sense will pick up the aircraft and give them a new home.
Geo, they are not "hurt" by the machines, they probably are behind some bigger profit, that's all. No feelings, just business!
For those who don't know it, the Toronto Aerospace Museum (former Avro-Canada factory, where Mosquitos have been manufactured) was destroyed by the owners of the buildings, who wanted to "re-vamp" the area and make it welcoming and accessible for all (!!!) with a new.....hockey rink! o_O
One would think they'd want to retain any income stream they could possibly keep.
It appears the City Council was banking on a grand scheme instead of making the museum part of the bigger picture.

This all smells of backroom glad-handing and pocket lining.
CAHC only opened around 2015 with most of the exhibits coming somewhere in the Midlands IIRC. I was always surprised about the site. It was formerly RAF St Mawgan. It sits perched on a cliff immediately next to the sea. In fact you can't get much closer to salt water without being in it. Not exactly the best site for the preservation of aircraft.

Let's hope a home can be found for them.

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