What was the last thing you ate? TWO!!!

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Nov 8, 2004
MichaelHenley said:
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
MichaelHenley said:
Bacon eggs is nice 2. btw, did I tell nE of u guys that I'm going to Europe over the Xmas Hols?

Where in Europe are you going?
My family's going 2 London for a week, Paris for a week, Rome for a week, then we'll be going back to England to tour the countryside. We'll Be staying at York over christmas. Tell me, Does anyone know if it snows in york?

Oh, and for the food...
Poached eggs on toast, and some sorta frittata

Too bad you are not comeing to Germany. Xmas time is very beautiful over here. Especially here in Bavaria if it snows but the Christmas markets are great and the time is just very beautiful.

I just got done eating Maultaschen.
It is like a Giant Ravioli filled with either cheese, meat, or vegatables and served in broth or fried with eggs.

I like it both ways but I ate it in a broth like a soup.

It is very very good.
Chips are great and American make the best ones. Doritos, Ruffels, Lays....The list just goes on and on.
I'm English, which by default makes me better than anyone else in the British Isles. Why? Because it was the English that conquered the rest of you... I've never understood the term British Empire, it should be English Empire.
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